Flight pooling

with the Pacific reservation system

Simplify your flight purchasing processes: never again maintain fares or availability manually and no costly CRS connections. Instead, exchange data with your airlines directly and automatically.

How does flight pooling work using Pacific?

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If you use flight pooling with Pacific, the reservation system automatically exchanges all relevant data with all the connected airlines. You continuously receive the current prices and availabilities from the airlines. Pacific reads these and feeds them into all connected sales channels. Every booking you make during the day is immediately reported to the airline by the reservation system. The current data is always loaded from the airline system. In addition, Pacific receives new data from the airlines several times during the day and processes it using a cyclical background process (e.g. every 30 minutes).

A few days before departure, Pacific reports the PNL data (Passenger Name List) with all passenger details to the airlines - also fully automated.

All processes run fully automatically in the background. In case of a problem, the system informs you accordingly. In summary: Pacific receives all the data automatically from the airlines using flight pooling and reports all the necessary information back to the airlines. You no longer have to maintain master data. And you save the costly process of booking through CRSs and other systems.

Automate your flight purchasing and reporting to the airlines with Pacific Flight Pooling.


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Your advantages with Pacific flight pooling

Fully automated import

of flight prices and quotas

Reporting of bookings and PNLs

to the airlines

No CRS costs

Access to a

large number of airlines

Network worldwide


With the help of Pacific, you can connect your reservation system to almost any airline. The only requirement is that the airline uses a flight pooling method such as Midgard.

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ISO Travel Solutions GmbH is a software expert for the tourism industry. For more than 40 years we have been supporting the travel providers' IT worldwide. Numerous companies from Europe, America, and Asia rely on our Pacific flagship system, to keep them successfully on track. We have developed many extensions for Pacific, such as the flight pooling add-on, which we offer as an extension for the Pacific Suite.

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Our team of experts has gained profound knowledge in the travel IT or tourism industry through the successful implementation of numerous systems. Whether it’s a travel group, niche tour operator, airline, or amusement park, we cover everything for you from front-end to back-end to hosting.


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