Pacific Reservation System

for Outbound Tour Operators

Consider Pacific as the center piece and backbone of your outbound tour operator IT landscape. Pacific brings all your processes and data together and enables YOU to control them.


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Pacific -
Suitable for all outbound tour operators

We offer our dedicated version of Pacific for outbound tour operators together with our responsive and modular internet booking engine for dynamic packaging. Pacific allows any outbound tour operator to manage not only their own contracted services, such as accommodations, flights and other services, but also to integrate any third-party services from external sources. All services and products can be offered as stand-alone services, as static packages or as dynamic packages, for more upselling and cross-selling. Pacific also supports your workflows within your service center and online, as well as in your back office.

It is the middle layer between your service providers and your sales channels. Pacific is the rule engine to manage your business rules, your products, pricing, margins, discounts, commissions and more. It provides a customizable shopping and booking workflow. We connect you to any third-party inventory supplier, your accounting system, payment service provider, CRM, loyalty programs, email system and much more. The powerful Travel API also connects to all your sales channels.




Your needs, our solutions

  • Access to full inventory – combine your own product with third-party sourced travel services
  • Manage reservations easier – quote, offer, book and service all items in one Super PNR
  • Sell omni-channel – keep your web and call center offers in sync and allow all booking channels to sell your best product mix
  • Stay in control of your inventory & pricing – manage all distribution channels with the best price and best inventory strategy
  • Modern platform with individual functional modules
  • Completely webbased / Software as a Service (SaaS) – all you need is a browser
  • Flexible set up with many parameters and base settings – highly adaptable to any specific need
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency – can be used in any market
  • Highly scalable –suitable for tour operators of any size
  • Comes with many interfaces – easy to integrate with any other system
  • Based on 40 years of industry knowledge

Your benefits

Profit in all areas of your company. Simplify upstream and downstream processes and generate additional sales easily and straightforwardly.


Offer static & dynamic travel packages


Enable cross-selling and upgrades


Integrate all your
own systems


Control all your processes and data


Optimize your revenue and inventory usage


Integrate and sell any third party products, such as flights, hotels, cruise, extra, etc.

Key Features of Pacific

Product load | Pricing & yield | Inventory management | Business rules | Itinerary builder | Booking functions | Agencies/customers/suppliers | Documents & reporting | Job scheduler | Imports & exports | User management

Full inventory access

Manage reservations easier

Own loyalty program

Sell omni-channel

Control your inventory & pricing

Statistics & dashboards

Yield management

Modules for Pacific

Pacific for outbound tour operators is based on a software architecture that consists of individual services and modules. With this toolkit, the system can be configured and tailor-made to any specific functional need of any outbound tour operator. The following modules are available for the individual purposes:

  • Special user licenses for different types of users, such as reservation users, full users, administrators, read-only-users
  • Add-on modules for specific product types: flights, cruise, attractions, bus/coach, holiday homes, groups
  • Loyalty Programm
  • Online exchange rate service
  • Accounts payable & accounts receivable
  • BSP reconciliation
  • Payment interface
  • Sales interfaces to many systems, such as travel agency systems, EDF, OTDS, OTAs, meta searchers, portals, etc.
  • Accounting Connection
  • CRM Synchronisation
  • Pacific Dashboard (Business Intelligence)
  • Supplier Extranet
  • Contract Pro (Module for contractors)
  • GIATA ContentFeed
  • Client specific internet booking engine, b2b and b2c
  • Supplier interfaces to many sourcing systems, such as flight CRS, airlines, hotels, bedbanks, rental cars, extras, attractions, railway, etc.

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Holger Voss, Director Business Development, has been responsible for Sales and Account Management for North American clients since 2007. He studied Business Administration in International Tourism at the Harz University of Applied Studies in Germany. He is primarily responsible for the Canadian & US markets and pursues international opportunities in South America and worldwide, too.



Sebastian Beck, responsible for the Global Tourism market since 2018, studied Business with an emphasis on Foreign Trade. He is a trained travel agent with over six years of travel agency experience as well as experience as global account manager at a hotel. With over 18 years of experience in the tourism market, he has worked with many international customers.