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The digital vaccine passport/green pass in your workflow

As of today, travelers in many countries must submit negative COVID-19 tests, often no more than 72 hours old. This applies to entry and exit, depending on the country of origin. In the future, a (foreign) trip without having been vaccinated will probably no longer work and a vaccination Corona ID (i.e. a test number or QR code) or a document will have to be presented. In collaboration with experts, we have identified the possible future application scenarios for this. ISO's software solutions already offer the functions needed for this.

The digital upload of vaccination IDs and test IDs into the personal data and booking data is already possible, as is of course the entry of these numbers by the user or the traveler.

The storage of vaccination data, such as: person, 1st vaccination, 2nd vaccination, location where vaccination took place, etc. are additionally possible.

The data can be transmitted directly to hoteliers, service providers, airlines or authorities, e.g. to check the documents at entry.




Pacific Corona 01

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Functions in the ISO Reservation System "Pacific"

  • Storage of a vaccination ID / vaccination passport number
    in the customer's profile. This can be automatically forwarded to service providers such as an airline, authorities, etc.

  • Display of all entry requirements
    of the destination country when searching for a service

  • Printout of the entry requirements
    on the customers' documents

  • Automated emails to the customer
    with the note: "Don't forget to take your COVID-19 Test result with you" - including reminder function

  • Independent online registration of data
    - comparable with passport information or ship manifest data


Functions in the airline / airports environments

  • Negative test result check
    Today, airlines must check before departure or arrival whether the traveler has tested negative. This function can also already be mapped with special fields. 





Functions in the ISO Internet Booking Engine

  • Reference with link to the foreign office and the respective authorities is possible
  • Functions with entry regulations available
  • Profile management
  • Upload of the vaccination ID in the traveler's profile
  • Passport and manifest data
  • Customer uploads the data

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Holger Voss, Director Business Development, has been responsible for Sales and Account Management for North American clients since 2007. He studied Business Administration in International Tourism at the Harz University of Applied Studies in Germany. He is primarily responsible for the Canadian & US markets and pursues international opportunities in South America and worldwide, too.



Sebastian Beck, responsible for the Global Tourism market since 2018, studied Business with an emphasis on Foreign Trade. He is a trained travel agent with over six years of travel agency experience as well as experience as global account manager at a hotel. With over 18 years of experience in the tourism market, he has worked with many international customers.