Cruise Line Reservation System

Sell and manage your cruise inventory with Pacific. Easily create cruise bundles and packages. Start cross-selling and up-selling. Add pre and post third-party ancillaries like accommodation, car rental, insurance, tours and more at your fingertips.



Key Features

Cabin Plan & Reservations

Sell Tours & Excursions

One Super PNR

Cruise Statistics & Yield Management

Sell pre and post Nights

Supplier Relationship Management

Documents & Payments

Connectivity to further Cruise Lines

How Pacific works



Pacific is a versatile and flexible tour operating system designed modularly to adapt to the specific needs of any tour operator or travel company. You can use it equally for package tours, flights, cruises, bus tours and group travel. This versatility means you can connect a huge variety of modules and external solutions to the core reservation system.

Connected via the Multi CRS API, you can nurture your travel packages with additional services and products from any third-party supplier. If you already have an Internet Booking Engine in use or you would like to connect a mobile solution, we can do this easily via the Travel API. But, if you still need such a solution, we would be happy to present you additional components from the Pacific Suite to fill in the gaps.

Your needs, our solutions

  • Access to full inventory – combine your native cruise product with externally sourced travel services
  • Manage reservations easier – quote, offer, book and service all items in One Super PNR
  • Sell omni-channel – keep your web and call center offers in sync and allow all booking channels to sell your best product mix
  • Stay in control of your inventory & pricing – manage all distribution channels with the best price and best inventory strategy

E-commerce Internet Booking Engine for Cruise Lines
(B2C & B2B)


  • Sell cruises and cruise bundles online
  • Get our booking widget
  • Get an entire website including Internet Booking Engine

Visualize all Categories & Cabins





  • Interactive cabin plan
  • Live availability for all channels
  • Block cabins for multiple cruises, e.g. cruise cabin for travels around the world

Cruise Inventory Management



  • Easy setup of cruise ship inventory and cabins
  • Manage your prices for your markets
  • Yield inventory via booking and distribution channel

Sell cruise segments and add related services





  • Build your custom bundle or package offers
  • Offer pre and post nights, excursions and more
  • Sell your own and third-party services within one booking flow
  • Shopping cart pricing with each selection and add-on

Cruise Super PNR



  • One-stop shop for your customers
  • One Super PNR with all booked services
  • One invoice for your customer

Theme park references

Successful clients and their great results




Anna Lüftner | Lüftner Cruises Austria | Head of Public Relations and Marketing

"We are pleased to have found in Pacific and Emerald a comprehensive solution for our diverse challenges in reservation and customer management. The cooperation with our partners is characterized by the greatest possible flexibility and customer orientation."



Cruise-specific functionality

  • Special price procedures
    • Price per cabin occupancy
    • Special rates for children, bulk beds etc.
  • Gift voucher
  • On board credit

Cruise-specific documents

  • Cruise manifest
  • Ship vouchers
  • Table reservations
  • Cabin lists
  • All customer cruise documents

Interested? We are happy to assist you!

Our expert team has gained immense knowledge in the travel and tourism industry by implementing scalable and successful customer driven online booking engines and websites. We achieved this through many years of experience implementing high volume transactional e-commerce solutions for large tour operators, travel intermediaries and airlines.


Sebastian Beck, responsible for the Global Tourism market since 2018, studied Business with an emphasis on Foreign Trade. He is a trained travel agent with over six years of travel agency experience as well as experience as global account manager at a hotel. With over 18 years of experience in the tourism market, he has worked with many international customers.