ISO Itinerary Builder

Dynamic Packaging 2.0

Open up a new type of packaging with the Itinerary Builder. The Itinerary Builder lets your customers put together the packages you have curated yourself. Making it possible to assemble choice and compulsory components into a logical itinerary in no time at all. With the additional Travel Checker feature, our engine also checks whether all selected services are feasible together.



Key Features

Up-selling & Cross-selling

1 Package – 1,000 Choices

Combination Option with EngageOne® Video

Access own & third-party Products & Services

Get to know Dynamic Packaging 2.0


In our Dynamic Components architecture and with a feature set that is unique and powerful for you, the Itinerary Builder is the Internet Booking Engine addon of your choice.

You can opt for a modern, customized booking route for all your service types. Get a sustainable competitive advantage in no time with Itinerary Builder.

Your Benefits

Offer greater Range of Options

Intuitive Travel Arrangements

Integrated Plausibility Check

Create unique Travel Experiences

Benefits for your customers

  • Customizable itinerary
  • Huge selection of products and services
  • Transparent pricing
  • Visualization via maps

Get to know the Itinerary Builder

Go with the trend: sell additional services in your customized packages. Create new packages with thousands of options with just a few clicks.

Our dynamic components architecture allows you to integrate the Itinerary Builder into an Internet Booking Engine as an add-on. The Itinerary Builder can source the data from own services and also third-party services quickly and dynamically.

E-commerce Internet Booking Engine (B2C & B2B)

  • Sell packages or tour bundles online
    Integrate our booking widget into your current website
  • Customize our Internet Booking Engine flows for your travel products
  • Create your entire website using our customized CMS for your travel business

Tour Inventory Management

  • Easy setup of your travel inventory
  • Manage your prices for your markets
  • Yield inventory by booking and distribution channel


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Our expert team has gained immense knowledge in the travel and tourism industry by implementing scalable and successful customer driven online booking engines and websites. We achieved this through many years of experience implementing high volume transactional e-commerce solutions for large tour operators, travel intermediaries and airlines.


Sebastian Beck, responsible for the Global Tourism market since 2018, studied Business with an emphasis on Foreign Trade. He is a trained travel agent with over six years of travel agency experience as well as experience as global account manager at a hotel. With over 18 years of experience in the tourism market, he has worked with many international customers.