ISO Loyalty Feature

Increase satisfaction

Attract travelers and travel agency partners to book travel services to collect and redeem bonus points with this program. This powerful add-on allows you to manage and maintain bonus points for your travelers. Bonus points are accumulated from travel bookings.

Key Features

Customizable Dashboards

Variable Points System

Pay by Points

Create individual Campaigns

Simple Implementation

Strong Customer Loyalty

Loyalty Membership Program

Thanks to the Loyalty Feature add-on, Pacific can manage your branded loyalty program. Program members can log in, verify their status, check transactions, earn and redeem points for travel products. Travelers can be recognized by tier status and rules for redemption.

Create and promote offers only for loyalty members. Promote travel agents to earn, pool and use bonus points as well.

Rules for earning and redeeming bonus points are easily customized.

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Customer benefits

Family & Friends

Donate Points

Claim Vouchers

Full & partial Payment

VIP Service

Loyalty Dashboard

View your balance and profile
  • View your bonus points and status
  • View your point redemption and earning history
  • Pool bonus points with your family and friends
  • Donate bonus points

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Booking Destinations

Sorted by geographical regions
  • Get insights and understand most frequently booked destinations
  • Understand number of pax by travel destinations
  • Drill-down by country, region and location
  • Visualize most popular destinations

Redeem with bonus points

Pay in full or in combination
  • Use travelers accumulated bonus points
  • Tap into family-pooled points
  • Settle balance with voucher codes
  • Pay balance by credit card
  • Earn points with any paid booking
  • Customized configuration of exchange rate points to money
  • Fully integrated in your Internet Booking Engine

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See for yourself

Create long-term customer relationships

Boost sales
  • Manage your branded bonus point program
  • Provide a powerful incentive for your best clients
  • Offer travel incentives to your travel agency partners

Your contact

Our specialist for Pacific's Loyalty Feature
Sebastian Beck | ISO Travel Solutions | International Sales Manager

"With ISO Loyalty, you not only open up new markets, but retain your customers on the long run. In conjunction with your CRM system, you can even achieve additional benefits."