Reservation System for Theme Park Vacation Packages

Increase your sales by selling more than just an entrance ticket. Combine tickets, accommodation, and other ancillary services – all in one booking.




Sell more than just an entrance ticket with the flexible ISO Pacific reservation & inventory system. It connects to your ticketing system and manages all inventory and pricing for any in-park services you want to sell. In addition, gain access to your inventory of accommodation nearby and pricing or connect to your hotel on premise. The system enables you to sell bundles or packages, including ticket + accommodation + any in-park services within one transaction or as up & cross-sell prior to the arrival of the guest. This powerful omnichannel system will raise your average sales with each transaction and contact point made.


Key Features

Sell Vacation Packages

Upsell Extras

One Transaction

Ticket & Accommodations

Offer Flights & Rental Cars

Multiple Payment Options

Connect to Providers


Upsell with Video Messages


Yield & Statistics


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How Pacific works



Pacific is a versatile and flexible system modularly designed to adapt to the specific needs of any company managing one or multiple parks and attractions. You can sell your entire product line as single services or bundled within packages to include the park ticket, accommodation, and in-park activities but also transportation to the park such as car rental, flight, and train. Additionally, you can connect to a variety of external suppliers to sell third-party services.

Your needs, our solutions

  • Access to full inventory – combine your native product with externally sourced travel services
  • Manage reservations easier – quote, offer, and book all items in One Super PNR
  • Sell omnichannel – keep your web and call center offers in sync and allow all booking channels to sell your best product mix
  • Stay in control of your inventory & pricing – manage all distribution channels with the best price and best inventory strategy

E-commerce Internet Booking Engine Theme Parks
(B2C & B2B)


  • Integrate our booking widget into your current website
  • We can create your entire website including  the booking engine

Sell park & accommodation packages and add related ancillary services



  • Build your custom bundle or package offers with tickets and other related services like accommodation, in-park activities and more
  • Offer express passes, dinner, pre- and post-nights and more
  • Sell your own and third-party services within one booking flow
  • Shopping cart for your booking engine
  • Check out page with payment page
  • One Super PNR reservation will allow selling more in one transaction
  • Guests can retrieve their bookings online to add more ancillary services or make changes
  • Personalized video messages show your customers all booked and ancillary services

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Successful clients and their great results






Hans Aksel Pedersen | LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort | Managing Director

"Thanks to ISO’s Pacific, we can now sell our entire range of products, along with various amenities, online to our end customers. External as well as internal processes are fully supported, ensuring a high level of automation and efficiency. We are particularly pleased with the fact that ISO and Pacific have helped us eliminate previous technical issues in the interaction of connected systems, even in view of the simultaneously increasing volumes.“

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Holger Voss, Director Business Development, has been responsible for Sales and Account Management for North American clients since 2007. He studied Business Administration in International Tourism at the Harz University of Applied Studies in Germany. He is primarily responsible for the Canadian & US markets and pursues international opportunities in South America and worldwide, too.