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Attract travelers through unique and dynamic packages. Are you sure the itinerary is consistent and feasible? Does the traveler have enough time to travel from and to the airport, event and hotel? Did you know that Pacific‘s Travel Checker automatically calculates the time needed and warns the customer if something is not in sync?



Create your own Itinerary

Instant Feasibility Check

Adaptable to any Language

View your Route on a Map

Logic first – automatically prove feasibility

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Open up a new kind of packaging with the Travel Checker. The Travel Checker verifies the logical combinability of all chosen services. The system automatically checks the end and starting time, as well as the distance between each service, and tests feasibility.

You can create one package with thousands of possibilities, and the customers can configure their own individualized schedules. Let your customer decide which experience is best.

Get to know Dynamic Packaging 2.0


  • Thanks to our dynamic components architecture, the Travel Checker is the IBE add-on of your choice with a unique and powerful feature set.
  • Opt for a modern, customized booking route for all your services. Get a sustainable competitive advantage in no time with Travel Checker.

Benefits for your customers









  • Huge selection of products and services
  • Intuitive travel arrangements
  • Automatic plausibility check
  • High transparency

    • Pricing
    • Visualization of selected services
    • Map view


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Our expert team has gained immense knowledge in the travel and tourism industry by implementing scalable and successful customer driven online booking engines and websites. We achieved this through many years of experience implementing high volume transactional e-commerce solutions for large tour operators, travel intermediaries and airlines.



Holger Voss, Director Business Development, has been responsible for Sales and Account Management for North American clients since 2007. He studied Business Administration in International Tourism at the Harz University of Applied Studies in Germany. He is primarily responsible for the Canadian & US markets and pursues international opportunities in South America and worldwide, too.



Sebastian Beck, responsible for the Global Tourism market since 2018, studied Business with an emphasis on Foreign Trade. He is a trained travel agent with over six years of travel agency experience as well as experience as global account manager at a hotel. With over 18 years of experience in the tourism market, he has worked with many international customers.